How will MichCare affect you?

Meet the average Michigan family with two parents and one child living on  Michigan’s average salary: $48,432 a year. They pay the Michigan average for car insurance ($2,610 a year) as well as the average out-of-pocket healthcare costs, totaling $601 per year. The average family is currently eligible for healthcare through the Affordable Care Act marketplace, for which they pay roughly $309 a month.


Under MichCare, they'll save over $5,000 a year.


Check out how Michcare will help other Michiganders save


Meet Ashley, a single mother living in Detroit

Ashley is a 45 year old Detroiter and a single mother of two whose yearly income hovers around $40,000. Her job doesn’t come with health benefits, so she went on the healthcare marketplace and purchased a plan for $205/month ($2,460/year) to cover herself and her two children. Because she lives in Detroit, she pays an extremely high auto insurance premium of $451 a month, but because her family is healthy they pay relatively little in out-of-pocket costs (half of the state average). When you include her taxes, Ashley is paying roughly a quarter of her income ($9,364) for these necessary services. 

Under MichCare, Ashley will save $4,847 a year.



Meet Michelle, an Ann Arbor woman fighting breast cancer

Michelle, a married woman with one child from Ann Arbor, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Because her employer switched to a high-deductible plan last year, she has been paying extremely high out-of-pocket costs for the services she needs. Under MichCare, Michelle will get the same quality care for less than half the price.

Under MichCare, Michelle will save $7,174 a year.

Meet the Browns, they're expecting their first child

The Browns are expecting their first child! With a combined income of around $60,000, Ben and Caroline are glad that their jobs as teachers provides them with health insurance, although Caroline’s recent pregnancy means that they’re spending more money than they ever have before on out-of-pocket cost and their car insurance costs sits right at the Michigan average.

Under MichCare, they'll save $3,000 a year and will save even more when their baby is born.



Meet Ronda, a senior currently on Medicare

Ronda is a 75 year old woman living in rural Michigan. Her children are grown and her husband passed away a few years ago so she lives on her own in the same community she was born in. Ronda loves her Medicare coverage.

Under MichCare, Ronda will be able to keep her Medicare coverage and save $700 a year.


Meet Jasmine, a 26-year-old recently removed from her parents healthcare plan

Jasmine just turned 26, which means that she got kicked off her parents’ health insurance. She’s working as an Uber driver and doing odd jobs while she searches for more stable employment, so she makes only about $20,000/year and doesn’t currently have health insurance.

Under MichCare, she will save almost $1,500 a year—and be able to afford to go to the doctor.



Meet the DeMarinos, a family on "Healthy Michigan"

The DeMarino family gets their health insurance through Medicaid. Two parents and two children making $19,000 a year still pay high car insurance costs even if their health insurance and out-of-pocket costs are $0.

Under MichCare, they will save over $1,000 a year due to lower car insurance costs alone.

Meet the Wallace family

The Wallace Family enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. With two high-earning professionals, their family is covered by employer-sponsored insurance. Under MichCare, they are covered regardless of whether or not they remain at their jobs, and their costs increase by about $1,500--assuming everyone stays healthy.

Under MichCare, in a year where one member of the family falls ill, they save around $3,000 and a priceless amount of peace of mind.



Meet Carlos, a small business owner

As both an employer and an employee, Carlos has a more complicated (and expensive) healthcare situation than most. Under MichCare, he stands to save almost $6,000 in personal healthcare costs. As a business owner, Carlos will save $23,350 because he will no longer have to pay for healthcare for his employees, which is money he can invest into growing his business.

Under MichCare, Carlos will save his business $23,350 a year.

Meet the ABC Corporation

ABC Corporation employs 40,000 Michiganders and makes around $900 million in gross receipts each year. Now, they are paying almost $400 million to cover those employees with health insurance.

Under MichCare, covering those employees will fall to the state of Michigan, meaning that ABC Corp will pay only $20 million a year —1/20th the amount of money.


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