Hear what supporters of MichCare have to say. 

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Ady Barkan, Activist and Organizer

“Four months after my wife and I had our first baby, I was diagnosed with ALS. After I was diagnosed, the President and Congress passed a tax bill that put my healthcare at risk. Families like mine across the country deserve elected officials who will fight the corporate forces that prevent real people from getting the care that they deserve. That's why we need a single-payer system.
Dr. Abdul El-Sayed is a brilliant doctor running on a progressive platform. He understands the need for Medicare for All, and his MichCare plan is a bold, transformative approach to making our healthcare system about people. His bold agenda is what we need in every state across this nation, and I’m proud to see him leading the fight for single payer.”

Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America

"With his MichCare proposal, Abdul El-Sayed has put forward one of the boldest, most comprehensive plans to establish a state-based Medicare-for-All-style healthcare system we've seen in the 2018 cycle and the greatest economic opportunity that Michigan has seen in our lifetime.  Democrats, Republicans, and independents across the ideological spectrum understand on a personal level that, even with the protections of Obamcare, our health insurance system is broken.  The MichCare Plan that Abdul El-Sayed has laid out is not only a thorough policy proposal that frees Michigan small businesses and consumers from the burdens of insurance and pharmaceutical company monopolies, it's a model progressive proposition that I could see inclusive populists candidates all across the country learning a great deal from."


Dr. Susan Steigerwalt, Physician in Metro Detroit Area since 1981

“I have been an advocate – as are 60% of physicians – of the single payer healthcare approach to financing since the 1990s. As a physician and a parent, I want a healthcare system that lets my kids and everybody’s kids change jobs without losing healthcare or facing death or financial ruin. I am so thrilled that Dr. Abdul and his team are smart enough and brave enough to introduce this single-payer healthcare plan to Michigan to improve health and healthcare.”


Dr. Paul Thomas, Family Medicine Doctor at Plum Health in Southwest Detroit

“We all know that our healthcare system is broken. But it doesn’t have to be like this. I believe in Abdul’s vision, and I also believe in Abdul as a person. He can take a complex problem and solve it. He has the drive and dedication to help us fix one of our biggest problems: the exploding cost of healthcare. He has a proven track record in Detroit, and I’m excited to see what he can do in Lansing.”  

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